Junior Tennis

The summer tennis camps offered through the St. Peter’s Grand Slam Tennis Programs are fun, yet challenging and instructional and cater to boys and girls ages 8 – 18 at all skill levels.

For the beginner, a progressive format is followed. Each session teaches basic tennis strokes and strategy in an enthusiastic, but low-pressure, environment. For the intermediate and advanced players, every session consists of intense drills to refine strokes, conditioning exercises, strategy, and competitive match play. Most of our camps are taught by certified teaching pros and college tennis players.Many of our campers have gone on to play college tennis at schools like Harvard, Wheaten, Penn State, U. of New Hampshire, N.Y.U., Colby, U.S.M., Conn. College, Trinity College, and many more Div. 1,11,& 111 colleges.

With eighteen camps in Southern Maine and over 500 players each summer from all over the country attending  St. Peter’s Grand Slam Tennis Camps, we have grown faster than any other junior tennis camp in New England  without losing the personal touch that we give to every student. This year we have answered your request for more full day camps throughout the summer.

For more information please call 207-831-8529 or e-mail us at grandslamtennis1@yahoo.com

For the 10 and under tennis player
Featuring the USTA Quick Start Program.

Kids can’t play if they can’t hit the ball In the beginning, you’ve got to make sure kids make contact with the ball; if they aren’t making contact and rallying by an early age, they’re not coming back. With 10 and Under Tennis using the Quick Start Tennis play format, you’ll grow your programs faster than ever. When a child is hooked on the game at an early age, they’ll keep coming back for more. Introducing the QuickStart Tennis Play Format 10 and Under Tennis using the QuickStart Tennis play format gives kids a chance to play the first time out and keep playing without waiting in lines. This play format allows kids to rally constantly and gets the coach more engaged.

Kids will enjoy learning and playing, and they’ll keep coming back for more. The techniques and skills they’ll learn will serve them for the rest of their lives. The right sized courts, the right sized equipment. Start kids out with the right-sized gear on the right-sized courts, and they’ll develop better technique earlier. With low compression balls and smaller courts, kids have a chance to get to the ball, think about their shot and cover the whole court. The lighter, smaller racquets with grips appropriate for smaller hands allow kids to develop proper swing patterns. Similar to other youth sports, 10 and Under Tennis allows kids to start out right, develop proper technique, and graduate to the next level.